Patch Note March 19 2020

  • Thu, 26 Mar, 2020
Patch Note March 19 2020

Update Details

  • Server Refresh

Main Characters Re-Balancing

Reaver/Axe Main:

-can now learn Mantle of Death from Lich

Mage/Staff main: (pve)

Evanescent Scud:

-Added attack power scaling

-Cooldown: 1, down from 3

-AP: 80 down from 150

Rifleman/Gun main: (pve)

Scorching Bullets:

-Added attack power scaling

Mercenary Rebalancing

Princess/Isabel: (pve,pvp,tbs)

Royal Signet:

-functionality changed to affect all ranged enemy characters.

Family Signet:

-old effect removed

-new: Enchants an allied row. Affected allies take reduced physical ranged damage.

-Duration: 3

-Cooldown: 1

-Ap: 125

Imperial Signet:

-old effect removed

-new: Restores health to all ranged allies.

-Duration: 1

-Cooldown: 2

-AP: 80

Tribal Signet:

-old effect removed

-new: Heavily damages enemy ranged characters and drains AP.

-Duration: 2

-Cooldown 2

-AP: 150

  • Added 8 New Costumes
: Classic Party Dress

Elegant Party Dress

Sexy Party Dress

Fancy Party Dress

Hot Party Tux

Wild Party Tux

Classic Party Tux

Bright Party Tux

  • Added 8 New Hair Costume
: Classic Party Hair

Elegant Party Hair

Sexy Party Hair

Fancy Party Hair

Slick Hairdo

Bright Slick Hairdo

Cool Party Hairdo

Wild Party Hairdo

  • Collect Book Update
: Added All Party Dress and Party Tux

Added Golden Essence Moon

  • Added Steam Giveaway Boxes

  • Added Coupon System

  • Updated Crafting UI

  • Update NPC UI


  • AO Day Settings

: March 28 and 29

  • Remove Valentine Mystery Quest

Item Mall

  • Spring Random Box 2020


  • Flourishing Blade of Rose

: Special Ability Fix

  • Paint Puzzle Piece is now No-Trade