Event Alfagame Atlantica Online

  • Wed, 13 Jan, 2021
Event Alfagame Atlantica Online

Newby Pack

  1. Druid Package (No Trade)x1
  2. Empress Box x1
  3. Extra Inventory License (Perm. / No Trade)]x4
  4. Christine’s Revolver (No Trade)]x1
  5. VIP License Pack 30 day x1
  6. Water of Life(No Trade)x2000
  7. Merc. Room License (Perm. / No Trade)]x4
  8. Jackpot License(7 Days/No Trade) x10
  9. Frost Archangel Wings x1
  10. Skull Dragon Event 30 day x1
  11. Yellow Tiger (30 days)x1
  12. Ancient Book of Growth (Event/Merc. Only) Experience: 50,000,000 x30
  13. Character Level Up Ticket (Lvl 180)x5
  14. Character Level Up Ticket (Mercenary Only) (Lvl 180)x20
  15. Experience Book (All)Experience: 230,000,000 x100
  16. Jeon Woo Chi

Item event bisa di dapatkan di semua momon lvl 10-150

Guide drop item dan lokasi monster

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