• Mon, 21 Sep, 2020

Turnament Event

500k Free Item Mall + custom titles 350k free mall items + custom titles 200k free item mall + custom titles

create a new name

  1. free level skill level
  2. maximum formation according to level
  3. free work / classes
  4. hero / merc max level 10
  5. no clone characters because will check your IP if you drop out of school
  6. complete spirit max +10 minutes +0
  7. the nick must be the same as the big character nick. Distinguishing leading number shall be 86 examples. TuyulAq big id of level 10 TuyulAq86 battle id86
  8. No illegal programs, no pick up items or the like, mandatory sportsmanship.

How do i register? https://chat.whatsapp.com/GltaIgyNdH0BTynIJhVHxe