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Rebellious Weyvern Card

Rebellious Weyvern Card

Harga: @ Rp. 10,000.00

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Rebellious Weyvern Card

[Immortal Wyvern (7 days)]


[Taoist’s Nimbus]

[Sand Hell Scorpion]

[Frozen Moon Chariot(kor)]


[Demonic Beast(kor)]

[Black Wyvern (60 Days)]

[Garuda’s Wings]

[Taoist Outfit]

[Taoist Hat]

[Matador Outfit]

[Matador Hat]

[Heart of Gigas]

[Roro Kidul’s Conch]

[Khun Phaen’s Carrier Pigeon]

[Druid’s Soul-Sealing Stone]

[Empress’ Ornament]

[Elementalist’s Head Decoration]

[Abyssal Marble]

[Ashur’s Ring]

[Brilliant Gevra’s Necklace]

[Brilliant Cataire’s Necklace]

[Brilliant Tifaret’s Necklace]

[Brilliant Kokuma’s Necklace]


[Enchant Stone [VI]]

[Enhance Stone [VI]]


[Love Candy]

[Friendship Candy]


[Automaton Book Box [III]]

[Gold Mars Rider]

[Mars Rider]

[Atlas Ore]

[abysall Box [event]]

[Multi-Hued Soul Crystal]

[Multi-Hued Soul Jewel]

[Golden Book of Craftsmanship]

[Ancient Book of Intelligence]

[Ancient Book of Knowledge]

[Secret Vial of Potential [II]]

[Growth Vial [VI]]

[Sealed Wyvern Cube]

[Rebellious Wyvern Card]

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